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Packing Tips Singapore
Packing Tips Singapore
Packing Tips Singapore
Packing Tips Singapore
Packing Tips Singapore


Here are some helpful tips and advice for those who want to do packing themselves.

Start Packing Early

The best way to ensure that your things are properly packed and that everything is organized well is to pack ahead of time. Not only it helps you organize your items, it also saves you the hassle of looking for certain things when you start to unpack them upon reaching your new place.

Keep or Discard

Prioritize your item list to determine what should be kept and what should be discarded. Refrain from keeping things which might not be necessary.

Packing order

Pack the things that you rarely use first and leave your everyday items till the end. Packing and unpacking can consume a lot of your time so pay careful attention when choosing the things that should be done first.

Fill the Box to the Brim

Get the most out of your containers and boxes – fill it completely with your items so you can just stack them over one another. Do not forget to seal each box securely and stuff any excess space with newspapers to minimize item damage in the event the boxes fall.

Do not Exceed 20kg per Box

As they say “Too much of anything is bad”. The same principle applies when packing your things. The proper arrangement of your things should involve heavy items at the bottom while the light ones go on top. Boxes that are over-weight may render lifting to become difficult and unsafe. A good benchmark to follow would be a box weight not exceeding 20 kg.

Box Labelling

Label your boxes properly. Be as detailed as possible especially when writing their destinations. This eases your workload subsequently when you need to unpack your items in their respective locations at your new place.

Fragile and Breakable items

Breakable and fragile items should be placed together in one box. They include your glasses, plates, jars and anything else that can be considered “fragile”. Wrap them individually with either a piece of cloth, an old towel or newspapers to serve as a form of extra padding. Do not forget to label the box clearly with “Fragile” so the movers know to take extra care when handling these boxes.

Food and Groceries

Remove all the food inside your fridge and defrost them ahead of time. It would be best to consume those foods which easily perishable. Defrost your refrigerator and thoroughly clean and dry it before the move and give a buffer of a few hours for your coolants to settle before switching it back on again at the new place.

Electrical Appliances

Your electrical appliances should ideally be placed in boxes that are around the same size as them. Put an appliance and its respective wires together in the same box so they can be easily re-assembled during unpacking. Provide extra protection for your appliances with a cushion or a bunch of old towers that serve as an additional layer of padding.

Do not pack these into the Boxes

Important items like personal documents, files, cheques, keys, laptops, jewelleries, cash and the likes should not be packed in boxes. They should be handled by yourself and brought to your new home under your personal care. Another set of things that you must not include in your boxes are combustible items such as paints, disposable lighters, patrol or cooking gas tanks.

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